Fabric Protection


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Furniture in high traffic areas of your home or business is subject to a range of stains and damage. From food and drink spills to pet stains, dirt, and sun damage, there are a variety of stains and outside factors that can lead to permanent stains and damage that could ruin your beautiful fabric.

Protect your fabric from stains and damage with our expert fabric protection services.

Fabric Protection for Fabric that Lasts

At Chianelli Designs, we specialize in sensitive care for your fine fabrics with cleaning and protection services to keep your fabric looking its best! While most of our fabrics come “pre-treated” with either DuPont’s “Teflon” finish or 3M’s “Scotchguard” protection, we also offer fabric protection applications that for added protection against stains.

We can expertly apply and make available “Guardsman’s” Fabric-cote” fabric protectant that is provided a limited guaranteed protection of up to three years. This fabric protectant goes beyond the duties of a surface treatment by soaking in to the actual fabric fibers, providing added protection against hard to remove stains like red wine spills, coffee stains, pet stains, as well as UV damage that can fade fabric.

Fabric Care to Maintain Rich Colors and Stunning Style

If your fabric has become stained from food, pets, or high traffic use, you can trust the experts at Chianelli Designs to clean and refresh your fabric. Using the patented Von-Shrader dry foam cleaning process, we can effectively remove the toughest stains from the most delicate fabrics.

You invest a lot in keeping your home or business looking great, so trust the experts at Chianelli Designs to clean and protect your fabric to protect your investment and keep your space looking its best.

Contact the Chianelli Designs today to learn more about our fabric protection services and extended warranties to keep your fabric looking like new!