Fabric Care


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Furniture is a significant investment that adds function and beauty to every room. Caring for your furniture’s upholstery is the key to ensuring your investment continues to provide stunning style and elegance to your space for years to come.

At Chianelli Designs, we are specialists in providing sensitive care for your fine fabrics providing expert cleaning and protection services to keep your fabric looking its best!

Pittsburgh Fabric Care Specialists

We specialize in sensitive care for your furniture, with expertise in cleaning even the most delicate fabrics. With our extensive knowledge of fabric care and cleaning, we can remove tough stains such as dirt, red wine, or coffee. Don’t let a stain ruin your beautiful furniture, let the experts at Chianelli Designs effectively clean your fabric with the care it deserves.

Using the patented Von-Shrader dry foam cleaning process, we can lift and remove even the toughest set-in stains, to make your furniture like new again!

Protecting Your Furniture for a Lasting Investment

Regular maintenance and proper fabric care for fine fabrics are essential. Be sure to vacuum your furniture regularly, protect the fabric from damaging UV rays, avoid allowing pets on the furniture, and reverse loose cushions once a week to ensure even use and wear.

In addition to our cleaning services, we also offer fabric protection with extended warranties. Once your fabric has been cleaned, we can apply Guardsman Company’s Fabri-Cote fabric protection to help protect your fabric from UV damage, dirt, and other stains that could ruin your fabric.

Put Your Fabric in the Best Hands with Chianelli Designs

If you do experience a stain and are unsure of how to clean any of your fabrics or furniture, be sure to contact the experts at Chianelli Designs to avoid any permanent damage that could be caused by using the wrong cleaning method.

With our professional fabric cleaning services, you can rest assured that your fabric is in good hands! Contact Chianelli Designs today to learn more about our fabric care services and how we can help you keep your fabric looking its best!