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With our passion for providing quality services and a wide selection of high-quality fabrics, we can help you complete your project with stunning results. From expert design assistance to quoting services, we can benefit anyone from architects to interior designers by helping them take their project to the next level.

At Chianelli Designs, we have experience in designing a wide range of commercial and residential projects. From entryways to seating areas, we have the product selections, fine fabrics, and knowledge to help you transform your client’s space with elegance and style.

Achieve Stunning Results with Chianelli

Using our extensive expertise in design and our keen attention to detail, we can help you design your project, assisting you with all aspects of the project’s layout and specifications to help you achieve stunning results. Along with design assistance, we can also help you accurately and fairly quote your project, providing you and your client with a fair and affordable price.

We can also help you with procuring supplies for your project. At Chianelli Designs, we have access to all the key channels for quality products and fabrics on the market. With access to the largest selection of modern and traditional luxury fabrics, we can provide you with the elegance and style your client deserves.

Need Ideas?

At Chianelli Designs, we have a team of creative experts who can look at the space you are working with and help you develop ideas for design. Whether you are redesigning a restaurant seating area or need to refresh the entryway of a hotel, the experts at Chianelli Designs can help you with generating creative design ideas that are sure to please your client.

Let Chianelli Designs take your project to the next level with our expert consulting services. Contact us today to learn more about our architect and interior design consulting services.