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Chianelli's own "module spring seating"

There are several types of seating employed by the workroom, depending on the client's individual needs. One type, Chianelli's own "module spring seating" method, was conceived and invented in our workroom with the intent of lifetime usage. Now that 50% of the labor has been completed, 90% of the artistry is about to begin.

Chianelli's understands the needs of each client.

We ensure that each piece of furniture is padded with hygenic materials that will not promote and breed mildew and molds. This is specifically important for people suffering with allergies and other health conditions. Then, great care is taken to apply your decorative fabric choice. Every fabric responds differently to each unique piece of upholstered furniture.

In the final stages

The Chianelli staff possess the knowledge, skill and organized patience to get that job done. In the final stage, the use of trims, nails, special welts, skirts, and ties are options made available to the discerning client.

Most fabrics now come treated from the mill with fabric protector, but Chianelli's also specializes in state of the art fabric protection with extended warranties. If all of this is not enough to dazzle you, the customer, then consider the fact that your furniture dreams come true in less than a week in most cases.