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Furniture Care

It has always been an important truth to protect your investments. The same truth applies to your furniture. Why spend all that money buying a beautiful South Cone Sevilla Furniture Set and ruin it by not cleaning it and taking care of it properly. How you properly care for furniture varies based on the type of furniture it is. Do you use soap on your wood furniture? What happens if you get a spot or stain on your fabric? These tips should help you avoid the catastrophe of ruining your designer furniture because you didn’t know how to care for it.

Wood Furniture Care

Cleaning. Soap and water are NOT advisable for wood surfaces. Always read the label and instructions and/or seek professional aid. Usually you can saturate a cloth with cleaning and wet the surface thoroughly. Remember to work on a square foot at a time and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

If the appearance remains cloudy after polishing, rub it with a cloth dipped in a solution of one tablespoon of vinegar to a quart of water. Always rub with the grain until the surface is completely dry.

White marks. Restore a finish whitened by water, excess wax or heat by rubbing lightly with a flannel cloth dampened with peppermint essence or spirits of camphor. After it has dried thoroughly, apply a non-aerosol furniture polish. To remove a white spore on a waxed finish, all you need is a sponge with turpentine.

Fabric and Leather Furniture Care

Some fabrics are treated with fabric protection at the mill. Furniture with treated fabrics usually bears a tag stating it use of the process.

Spots and stains on delicate fabrics should be treated by an experienced furniture cleaner or dry cleaner. When two items are recommended as removers, they must be applied separately, in order named and not mixed.

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