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Custom Made Furniture

If you can’t find a style that suits your tastes and needs, Chianelli’s will custom design and create furniture that is right for you. Custom upholstered furniture is a welcome alternative to predictable selections. The biggest problem when buying new furniture, our customers tell us, is that they can't find that one piece that will coordinate with their design and decor. In this case, you usually end up settling for something that distracts from your design or that just doesn't meet what you are looking for. That is where custom made furniture and custom upholstered furniture can play a role. You get the benefit of choosing the design and style of the furniture you want. It is your home, shouldn't it feel like it? You deserve to have control over how your room is designed, and we can help give you back that control. In addition, an impressive selections of unusual handcarved "Old World" reproduction frames are available with a delightful choice of custom wood finishes or gold-leaf. The choice is yours and so is the fabric... Every one of our hardwood frames tells a different artistic story and each design tells a different story to everyone. But one thing remains the same, trusting your design to the craftspeople and the relentless source of pride and artistry that enables Chianelli’s to deliver you the best of the craft.